What We Do


We have partnered with over a dozen lenders and dealer partners to guarantee that we can get you the best rate, best terms, and best vehicle possible!

We APPROVE EVERYONE guaranteed and can offer rates as low as 3.98%

Our team will work 1 on 1 with you during the whole process from getting the approval, finding the perfect vehicle for you and your family, going over the paperwork to make sure you completely understand the terms, and handing over the keys and making sure you are comfortable behind the wheel.

Why buy from us

  • A FREE 6 month 6000KM full coverage warranty
  • Fresh MVI and detailed certification process
  • CarProof report to show you the vehicle history
  • Vehicle comes professionally detailed
  • Of course we fill the tank!
  • And always great service once you leave!

We can approve anyone!

Bad Credit

We know that bad things happen to good people. We also know that everyone deserves a second chance and we are here to help! Even if your credit is bad we can still approve you no matter how bad it is!

No Credit

Having no credit is no problem with Cameron’s Motor World. We have partnered with multiple lenders that will provide loans at great rates to people with no credit! Don’t pay a higher interest rate than you deserve!

Bankruptcy / Proposal

Sometimes going through a bankruptcy or a proposal is needed to take the weight of creditors off your back and have a new fresh start. We will approve you after your out of it or even 1 day in it! No problem! Your approved!

Late Payments

Sometimes we go through rough times and can’t always make our payments on time. We understand that and will work with you even if you missed payments recently. We can still arrange a loan for you a great rates and terms!

Fixed Income

Maybe your retired on a pension or multiple pensions, on disability, or are being paid child support. Sometimes it may feel impossible to get a car loan because of a lower net income. We have multiple lenders we work with daily that will approve you!

Seasonal / Self Employed

You may have applied at other dealerships and have been turned down because you work seasonally or are self-employed. Even with a few blips in your credit, or no proper financials, we can work with you and get you into a vehicle! It’s much easier than you think!