No Credit Car Loans

it’s time to start building a solid credit rating.

30 Years In Business

You deserve a chance.

Whether you’re a recent immigrant or a young adult, it’s time to start building a solid credit rating. The problem is — no one wants to take a chance on giving you a loan! It’s through no fault of your own. You simply don’t have a credit rating yet.

You have to start somewhere. Unfortunately, many people who don’t have credit turn to less desirable means to get a loan. High interest credit cards can cost a fortune to pay down. Payday loan companies can charge an exorbitant rate for a loan that will barely buy you a set of wheels, and typically have horrible repayment terms. And borrowing money from family can strain a relationship, and the loan won’t improve your credit score.

Most car dealerships are no better. Their lender offer incredibly high interest rates if they’re willing to take a chance at all. Usually, it’s the same lenders that offer loans for bad credit, which can look bad on your credit report. Or, an in-house financing department may “guarantee” approval on a loan that doesn’t report to the credit bureaus, taking your money without really helping you.

Riley Motor Company is different than the rest.

We know you haven’t done anything wrong. So why should you be punished with unreasonably high interest rates? Our finance managers will work hard for you, getting you a competitive interest rate and repayment terms.

We have relationships with over a dozen established lenders. To you, that means you’ll get the best rates and terms possible because you’re not locked into just one lender. Your approval is guaranteed*, often in about an hour.

We carry a great selection of used cars, trucks, SUVs and vans. We’ll help you choose a vehicle that fits your needs as well as your budget. If you’re commuting to Halifax, heading to classes at Dalhousie, or taking a trip to the cottage, we have a vehicle that suits you! We’ll get you in the driver’s seat quickly — typically in 24 hours or less.

* With proof of qualifying income.

You deserve a chance to build your credit rating. We offer no credit car loans to help you get your feet under you. Visit Riley Motor Company in Dartmouth for your guaranteed* no credit car loan approval. You can find us at 294 Windmill Road in Dartmouth or online at RileyMotorCompany,com.