In House Financing

your car loan approval when no one else will provide financing

30 Years In Business

You might be wondering how we can guarantee your car loan approval when no one else will provide financing. You thought you’d exhausted all your efforts and were either stuck with your current vehicle or riding public transit.

The answer is simple: when no one else will finance your vehicle, we will put our own money on the line.

It opens up your options. Other lending facilities won’t accept non-traditional types of income. If you receive Social Assistance, Employment Insurance, Child Tax Benefits, or Disability income, other creditors won’t accept it towards your loan approval. That can leave you limited on your financing options, or might even result in a declined approval altogether — even if you have stellar credit!!

At Riley Motor Company, we know those forms of income are steady, and they can be substantial. We’ll gladly consider any income you can prove through pay stubs or financial statements towards your car loan financing. That extra boost can be enough to step you up from a car you are able to drive to a car you LOVE to drive.

Do you have bad credit or no credit? Our in-house financing can be your solution. Where other banks and lenders don’t want to give you a chance without a cosigner, our in-house financing team will work with you to get you the best vehicle at a payment you can afford.

To make your used vehicle purchase more secure, we provide you a full comprehensive warranty with every in-house car loan. Each in-house financing loan also comes with gap insurance for the full length of your term, making your car purchase even more foolproof. In-house car loans are penalty-free for early repayment too!

You could either buy yourself a great pair of shoes, or you could apply for a car loan at Riley Motor Company. With our guaranteed approval process, you can be driving a car in as little as a day.

Wondering about your approval? Submit a credit approval online and our financing team will get back to you in an hour to discuss your guaranteed approval. Or, drop in at our new location, 294 Windmill Road in Dartmouth, and we’ll find the right vehicle for your wants and needs.