Car Loan While In Bankruptcy

and it’s a grueling process that leaves you exasperated

30 Years In Business

It’s a difficult spot to be in. You’ve filed for bankruptcy, and it’s a grueling process that leaves you exasperated and at your wit’s end. There are creditors knocking at your door, repossessions, and your bank account feels like the well has gone dry.

You still need a vehicle, but no one is going to help you with that now, will they? You’ve applied at other dealerships and have been turned down in record speed. You can’t get a personal loan from your bank, and your line of credit has been frozen. What do you do now?

You’re not alone.

Riley Motor Company has helped get financing for people with all types of credit issues — bad credit, no credit, car loan after bankruptcy, and even car loans while in bankruptcy. We work with lenders who know that bankruptcy shouldn’t sound the death toll on your future credit. You need a chance to rebuild your financial stability, and we’re on your side!

Not only will our lenders help you get the best terms and rates for your car loan, but they’ll get you approved even if you’re in your first day of getting into a bankruptcy or consumer proposal. Your transportation needs won’t wait, so you shouldn’t have to either.

Filing for bankruptcy is a difficult decision to make, to be sure, even if it’s the right choice. It’s just the start of a long road to rebuilding your credit. But there is light at the end of the tunnel. Let Riley Motor Company team with you right from the start, getting you back on your feet with a car loan while you’re still in bankruptcy.

* With proof of qualifying income

We guarantee your approval*. Stop in today at our new location, 294 Windmill Road in Dartmouth, or fill out the online credit application to get started.