Car Loan After Bankruptcy

Sometimes they are insurmountable

30 Years In Business

Unfortunately, bankruptcy may have been your only option. It’s not like you wanted it that way, but financial difficulties can be incredibly hard to overcome, and sometimes they are insurmountable. To provide relief from the stranglehold of creditors, collections calls, and ever-increasing bills, bankruptcy provided your way out.

There’s no question that a bankruptcy leaves a black mark on your credit rating. After all, the lender wants to know their going to get the money back that you’ve borrowed. That can make obtaining any kind of credit — especially a car loan — nearly impossible without a cosigner. Even then, you’re usually subjected to high interest rates and inconvenient terms.

So what do you do? You still need transportation to get to work and your appointments. Public transportation is limited and more time-consuming, but you can’t get a car loan that fits your needs…or can you?

LetRiley Motor Company help!

You’re not alone in your bankruptcy. We know it’s frustrating and feels like a financial jail cell. You deserve another chance to rebuild your credit. While we can’t change your credit history, we can help you establish ongoing credit to rebuild your credit rating.

We work with lenders who know that bankruptcies can happen to good people. It could be a job loss meant you couldn’t pay your bills, poor money management dug a financial hole, or a dissolved relationship left you struggling to make ends meet. We’ve teamed up with specialists who know your situation and are willing to give you another chance.

While other car dealerships may have rejected your credit application or offered outrageous terms and rates, or only provided a select few vehicle options for you, Riley Motor Company is different. We guarantee your approval*, which means you could be driving in as little as one day. We’ll get you the best interest rate and term so you can get the vehicle that best suits your needs and wants.

Don’t let your past dictate your future. Trust Riley Motor Company to help you obtain a car loan after bankruptcy. Call us today or drop in at our new location at 294 Windmill Road in Dartmouth. We’ll get you behind the wheel of your new vehicle!