Bad Credit Car Loans

Bad credit happens to good people too.

30 Years In Business

It can happen very quickly, and sometimes before you even realize it. Missed or late credit card payments, unpaid utility bills sent to a collector, defaulting on a car loan — usually, these issues aren’t malicious acts.

We’ve all been there. You get a letter in the mail, addressed as a “second notice” and then a “final notice”. You meant to pay that bill but it slipped your mind. You may have hit a rough patch with unexpected repair bills at home and couldn’t afford your minimum payment. And it can quickly spiral out of control.

You’ve worked hard to get all caught up, but now a bad credit rating hangs over your head like a black cloud. You have a steady income but you can’t find a lender who takes you seriously anymore.

Without someone to help, it seems like a hopeless cause trying to rebuild your credit score.

Riley Motor Company is here to help.

We know that bad credit scores happen, whether it’s due to missed or late payments, bankruptcy, divorce, illness, loss of employment, or poor financial decisions. At Riley Motor Company, you get a second chance.

Other dealerships might have turned you down or offered sky-high interest rates that make buying a car unattainable. You may have been approved only to find out you can only buy a car you don’t really want. At Riley Motor Company, we treat you like a real person. We’ll work with our lenders to get you a good rate and term for a vehicle you want to drive.

And the best news: everyone is approved! If you qualify for a car loan, we guarantee you’ll be approved for financing. You need is proof of income — that’s it! Submit a secure credit application online and check out our wide selection of used cars, trucks, vans and SUVs.

Don’t let bad credit keep you from owning a car. Visit the premium used car dealership in Nova Scotia, Riley Motor Company. Find us in person at 294 Windmill Road in Dartmouth.